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What´s your triscore?

Triscore® is more than just a newsroom or community.

Here you will find the latest news from the world of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, running, open water swimming, cycling and swimrun. You can read product tests or race reports. As a member (free of charge) you build your profile as a platform from where your friends, clubmates and potential sponsors can see and read about you. By answering the fixed questions, adding a few racephotos together with your logged results, friends, family and sponsors are able in just a few klicks to get a good glimpse of you and your goals. Members can also create groups for different discussions, send messages to eachother and follow friends results. This is a good way to keep track on your members if you´re in a team or club.

Triscore thinks globally and acts locally and are now established in the UK (, USA (.org) and Sweden (.se). Local news will be shown in the domestic language and global news will always be written in english. New countries and markets is on the way.

Haven´t you asked yourself the eternal question; who is the better of the swimmer/triathlete/runner/cyclist?

Register your results and find out. Your triscore (rankingpoint) is based upon your ten (10) best verifiable competitionresults in the last 24 months. You can log both training- and competitionresults from swimming, running, cycling, duathlon, triathlon, aquathlon and swimrun. But only results registered as competitions will contribute to your ranking.

With our unique rankingsystem – triscore – you can:

  • keep track on your results
  • keep track on your progress over the years
  • keep track on your friends/clubmates
  • keep track on the elite

Share and compare

  • results
  • your strength and weaknesses (stronger swimmer, runner etc.)
  • triathletes vs cyclists vs runners vs swimmers
  • rate events – most popular, highest rating
  • your experiences

Sponsors and media

  • Let sponsors keep track on their athletes and find new up-comers
  • Let sponsors make sponsorpages where you can send them a friendrequest and invite them to your profile
  • Let the sponsors find you instead of the other way around
  • Let your profile be your marketplatform


Q and A – How the ranking (triscore) works

  • Your ranking is based on your ten best competitionresults in the last 24-months. Results registered as training is excluded.
  • Your all-time high is based on your ten best results ever.
  • By verifiable competitionsresults means that they can be verified through an participant resultlist online.
  • You can only log swimresults 400 m or longer
  • You can only log runningresults 5 km or longer
  • If you´re results don´t verify when controlled they can be deleted by admin.
  • Triscorepoints from trainingsessions are for your personal development and will NOT add to your ranking.
  • If you log an event specified in the activitylist (for example: Ironman Lanzarote) then use that specified event instead of just clicking Ironman in general. By clicking on Ironman Lanzarote you will get your triscorepoints correct calibrated.
  • Always remember… points are for fun and sports for real.

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