It’s been a few weeks since Ironman Hawaii and all the Pro’s are back at work. Well, if you think that november is a month of recupirating. Then, think again. At Ironman Mandurah 70:3 ten men and three relayteams finished below the magic 4 hour limit. We had a sub 20 minute swim and a sub 2 hour bikeleg but in the end Michael Raelert crossed the finishline first, ahead of athletes like Luke Bell, Craig Alexander, Tim Reed and Christian Kemp.

Mandurah sticks out to be the fastest 70:3 race of the year and fastest of the lot was Michael Raelert who won in 3:35:55 just thre minutes ahead of Tim Reed. In the womens race it was a close race between Annabel Luxford, Caroline Steffen, Anja Beranek and Nikki Butterfield. With just two minutes separating the first four women Annabel won in front of Caroline, Nikki and Anja. Annabels winningtime was written to 4:02:20.



  1. Michael Raelert (GER) 3:35:55
  2. Tim Reed (AUS) 3:38:42
  3. Christian Kemp (AUS) 3:39:48


  1. Annabel Luxford (AUS) 4:02:20
  2. Caroline Steffen (CH) 4:03:08
  3. Nikki Butterfield (Australia) 4:03:49
9 November 2014

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