Triathlon de Gerardmer XL is the biggest triathlonevent in France with more than 4600 participants. This year was the 26th anniversary of this challening race with five former world champions at the startline. Fastest of the lot was Sylvain Sudrie who won the race for his fourth time and Camilla Pedersen from Denmark who has won almost every race she has started this year.




  1. Sylvain Sudrie (FRA) 4:26:51
  2. Axel Zeebroek (BEL) 4:27:43
  3. Ritchie Nicholls (GBR) 4:29:13


  1. Camilla Pedersen (DEN) 4:57:36
  2. Eimar Mullen (IRL) 5:03:20
  3. Alexandra Tondeur (BEL) 5:05:20

DSC_0416What do you get when you cross aquathlon with adventure racing? Swimrun. Ö TILL Ö (Island to Island in Swedish) is the Swimrun World Championships. It covers a total distance of 75km between 26 islands in the Stockholm archipelago and is ranked as one of the toughest endurance races in the world by CNN. 46 stages means transitions are critical and most competitors (in teams of 2) wear wetsuits and shoes from start to finish.

I first heard about Ö TILL Ö a few years ago and following yet another close race with Mat Clarkson in the OWS Aquathlon series, said that we would have to race it together sometime. Step forward Team Huub, 1st September 2014 was that time.

To balance the demands of swimming 10km in the Baltic Sea and running 65km across very varied, mostly offroad, terrain we knew that standard kit wouldn’t be up to the task. Trail shoes for maximum grip on wet slippery rock were a must but just as important was a wetsuit which didn’t restrict the legs too much for the running. Huub have been working with Rasmus Henning to develop a swimrun specific wetsuit. Not available yet, they were kind enough to provide us with two top of the range Archimedes suits in order for us to cut the knees off.

The weather forecast for race day was great. The water temperature in the days just before the race plummeted. With this in mind, we had a quick test swim the evening before the race. It was cold, but after a few minutes I warmed up enough and decided just a trisuit and two caps would be enough. Mat decided to go with an under shirt and neoprene cap.

The short first run to break us up before the longest swim of the day was congested and frustrating. I lost Mat when I pushed forward through the tight packed field and had to stop and wait for him to catch up. Before long we hit the water and it quickly became apparent that I should have opted for warmer kit. I struggled with the cold water and now it was Mat’s turn to have to wait for me.

After the first of many wet scrambling exits we passed the first timing point in a very disappointing position (although we didn’t know this at the time). Half a dozen swimruns later, I continued to struggle in the water, we asked a marshal taking down numbers what place we were. The reply wasn’t what we wanted to hear but we were slowly gaining places.

I was coping with the shorter swims reasonably well and with the longest run (12 miles) and just one long swim late in the race (the so called pig swim) the prospects weren’t too gloomy. With the majority of the swimming in the first half of the course, we knew we could continue to move up the field.

That is how it played out. During the long run we overtook 12 teams. This was despite Mat, quite inexperienced at long distance racing, having GI issues and slowing a bit in the closing miles. Indeed,for the first time I lead the next few short swims after this, having followed for the first 17 swims. Mat recovered well and resumed his position at the front for the last couple of short swims.

11 hours 11 minutes 20 seconds after starting, we crossed the line, just a few minutes behind German Sparkle Party, another Huub supported team. We had gained 43 places since the first timing point and ended up in 31st place, beating our ranking by 10 places. is present thrughout the race taking photos both at the finishline and on the course. 

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Island to Island is to be considered as one of the toughest oneday races in the world. It includes 65 kilometers of trailrunning and 10 kilometers of open waterswimming in cold water with strong currents in the archipelago of Stockholm Sweden. A total of 75 km in a beutiful but brutal enviroment.

This year 22 countries were represented at the start 05:50 in the morning. 8 hours 16 minutes and 12 seconds later Team Milebreaker/Öppet hav finished to become new worldchampions in recordtime.

Ö TILL Ö is a unique race in a unique environment. Teams of two race together from island to island (Ö till Ö). The teams swim between the islands and run on them. The total distance is 75 kilometres of which 10 km are swimming and 65 km are running.

The course starts by the Seglarhotel in Sandhamn and finishes at Utö Värdshus on Utö. The course passes the big islands of Runmarö, Nämdö and Ornö. The running sections are beautiful. At times the course goes through the wood without trail but most of the time the course is on trail or gravelled roads. The swim sections are between 100 and 1600 metres long.

To manage to finish the course from dawn to dusk demands that the competitors are fit and that they have practiced a good technique to be quick in and out of the water as there are as many as 38 in and outs.

The Seglarhotel in Sandhamn and Utö Värdshus on Utö guarantee a high quality prerace scene and a very good finishing environment. We will have spectator spots and food stations at some well- known restaurants on the islands along the way. There are safety boats, medical staff and race marshalls along the course to try to guarantee everyones safety.





lace number team Member finish
1 2 » Team Milebreaker / ÖppetHav » Lelle Moberg (SWE), Daniel Hansson (SWE) 08:16:12
2 1 » HEAD Swimming » Björn Englund (SWE), Paul Krochak (CAN) 08:24:05
3 4 » Bquik Redovisning » Anti Antonov (SWE), Marcus Hultgren (SWE) 08:42:11



1 210 » Team 2XU mix » Ulrika Eriksson (SWE), Jonas Udehn (SWE) 09:52:11
2 200 » Adeptic » Björn Rosenthal (SWE), Marika Wagner (SWE) 09:59:00
3 201 » Team Brasserie Godot » Thomas Ogander (SWE), Erika Rosenbaum (SWE) 10:53:43



1 100 » Puppy TS- MAD » Bibben Nordblom (SWE), Charlotta Nilsson (SWE) 10:26:31
2 110 » 2QTRI » Jenny Nilsson (SWE), Magdalena Trumstedt (SWE) 10:55:46
3 102 » Team Sankan » Sanna Duvebrant (FIN), Annika Åström (SWE) 11:16:12

Results from IM japan. Notable: Second placed Harry Wiltshire won fifth place in Ironman Sweden last saturday..




Michael, Ruenz Pro Germany 1 2 00:54:22 05:01:23 02:52:36 08:53:40
Harry, Wiltshire Pro United Kingdom 2 3 00:49:23 05:04:26 03:08:17 09:06:34
Cedric, Lassonde Pro France 3 4 00:54:24 05:01:00 03:06:40 09:07:44



Shiao-Yu, Li Pro Taiwan 1 13 01:04:34 05:31:05 03:17:05 09:58:30
Jessica, Fleming Pro Australia 2 21 01:00:19 05:33:54 03:26:32 10:06:49
Tanaka, Keiko Pro Japan 3 22 00:56:42 05:44:39 03:22:43 10:09:24

Just when you thougt you´ve heard them all and knows them all, someone is always coming up with something new. When the swedish swimmer/triathlete Jonas Colting finished his latest swimproject “Sverigesimmet” (Swimming across Sweden from Stockholm to Gothenburg 600 km) last week we at least thougt it would take a while before someone would come up with a new idea that would excite us. We were wrong!

Ben Hopper want’s to be an oceanswimmer, but not one of those who crosses a channel somewhere and then say they crossed that ocean. No, Ben wants to swim ACROSS the ocean. His plan is to swim from Senegal to Brazil across the Atlantic sea in 90 days. He is only stopping to eat and sleep and if he is drifting while resting he will make upp for those miles as well. The actual distance is around 3200 km which means he has to swim about 35 km open ocean each day for three months.

Ben hopes to start his quest in 2015. Triscore will report from his recordattempt.

Dutch athlete Ferry Weertman won his second gold medal at the 2014 European Championships this week. He first won the 10 km race ahead of Thomas Lurz of Germany and Evgenii Drattcev of Russia. His second gold came in the 5 km team pursuit together with the women´s 10 km champion Sharon van Rouwendaal and teammate Marcel Schouten.


The Dutch swimmers were outstanding at the 2014 games culminating with the team pursuit where the dutch trio beat Greece (2:nd) and Germany (3:rd).

Ferry whos had his real breakthrough this season will for sure be a true contender in the next few years. His 10 km time of 1.49.56 is one of the fastest times ever on 10 km and would give him 1493 triscorepoints if he would register.



5 km Team Pursuit Results (2-loop course with splits below):

1. Netherlands: 27:59.9 + 27:47.9 = 55:47.8
2. Greece: 28:01.8 + 28:03.7 = 56:05.5
3. Germany: 28:03.3 + 28:11.5 = 56:14.8
4. Hungary: 28:17.5 + 27:58.5 = 56:16.0
5. Italy: 28:16.2 + 28:04.7 = 56:20.9
6. France: 28:26.9 + 28:12.9 = 56:39.8
7. Great Britain: 29:21.2 + 28:45.3 = 58:06.5
8. Russia: 29:34.5 + 29:32.6 = 59:07.1
9. Poland: 29:35.4 + 29:47.8 = 59:23.2

Men’s 10 km Marathon Swim Results: 

1. Ferry Weertman (NED) 1:49:56.2
2. Thomas Lurz (GER) 1:49:59.0
3. Evgenii Drattcev (RUS) 1:50:00.6
4. Federico Vanelli (ITA) 1:50:02.3
5. Matteo Furland (ITA) 1:50:03.8
6. Jack Burnell (GBR) 1:50:04.1
7. Kirill Abrosimov (RUS) 1:50:05.1
8. Spyridon Gianniotis (GRE) 1:50:05.1
9. Axel Reymond (FRA) 1:50:07.6
10. Gergely Gyurta (HUN) 1:50:08.0
11. Christian Reichert (GER) 1:50:09.4
12. Antonios Fokaidis (GRE) 1:50:10.1
13. Romain Beraud (FRA) 1:50:11.6
14. Thomas Allen (GBR) 1:50:12.5
15. Simone Ruffini (ITA) 1:50:12.8
16. Christopher Bryan (IRL) 1:50:13.4
17. Mark Papp (HUN) 1:50:14.3
18. Marcel Schouten (NED) 1:50:14.6
19. Igor Chervynskiy (UKR) 1:50:14.6
20. Andreas Waschburger (GER) 1:50:39.9
21. Igor Snitko (UKR) 1:50:40.1
22. Ventsislav Aydarski (BUL) 1:50:44.9
23. Mateusz Sawrymowicz (POL) 1:50:45.9
24. Caleb Hughes (GBR) 1:50:56.7
25. Volodymyr Voronko (UKR) 1:51:55.9
26. Patrik Rakos (HUN) 1:52:01.2
27. Matthias Schweizer (AUT) 1:52:02.5
28. Damien Cattin-Vidal (FRA) 1:52:12.1
29. Daniil Serebrennikov (RUS) 1:52:12.3
30. Shahar Resman (ISR) 1:52:16.0
31. Jan Urbaniak (POL) 1:53:25.0
32. Vasco Gaspar (POR) 1:53:32.7
33. Yuval Safra (ISR) 1:53:51.8
34. Karel Baloun (CZE) 1:53:57.8
35. Vit Ingeduld (CZE) 1:58:32.8
36. Georgios Arniakos (GRE) 1:58:59.1
37. Antonio Arroyo Perez (ESP) 2:02:59.7
DNF Thomas Liess (SUI)
DNF Jan Kutnik (CZE)



Tj Tollakson  was crowned North American Champion by winning IM Mont-Tremblant in 8:16:17. Andreas Raelert who holds the record for the fastest long distance triathlon (7:41:33) was surpassed by Tj Tollakson early on the bikeleg and later passed by Daniel Halksworth just a few miles from the finishline. Tj wins in front of Halksworth and Raelert. In the womens pro-field Amber Ferreira (USA) was in the lead up till the last 5 miles on the run, when Sarah Gross caught up with her. Sarah won 3 minutes ahead of Amber and with Beth Shutt in third.




  1. TJ Tollakson (USA) 8:16:17
  2. Daniel Halksworth (GBR) 8:35:15
  3. Andreas Raelert (GER) 8:38:31


  1. Sarah Gross (CAN) 9:40:26
  2. Amber Ferreira (USA) 9:43:46
  3. Beth Shutt (USA) 9:46:45

After nearly perfect races where both athletes won comfortably after being in the lead most of the race, Horst Reichel and Leanda Cave can titulate themselves as winners of Ironman Sweden.

Horst won six minutes ahead of Viktor Zyemtsev (UKR) who were six seconds ahead of Tom Lowe (GBR).

Leanda Cave was just outstanding today giving no other any chance whatsoever. Being first out of the water she then just expanded her lead the rest of the way. Leanda won in 8:56:50.

När vi på triscore tittade i svenska triathlonförbundets tävlingskalender så hittade vi en liten lokal tävling ute på Värmdö som hette Saltarö Ultimate. En tävling som var helt fullbokad och som väckte vårt intresse. Vi var tvungna att åka dit och titta och fann en liten pärla.

Långt ute på Värmdö ligger Saltaröbadet. En vacker liten badstrand med café och några tennisbanor där lugnet oftast infinner sig. Men inte en dag om året, för då anordnar Saltarö Joggers triathlon tävlingen Saltarö Ultimate. Årets tävling var den sjätte i ordningen där den första upplagan hade åtta deltagare i förhållande till årets deltagarrekord 125, vilket innebär fullbokat. I år kunde deltagarna dessutom välja mellan två distanser X1 och X2 där den förstnämnda innebar 500 meter simning, 15 km cykel på grus- och asfaltsvägar samt 5 km löpning. X2 betyder att de tävlande kör dubbla distansen dvs gånger två.

I strålande solsken så gick klockan tio starten för den sexton som valt den längre distansen och några minuter senare så gick starten för de övriga. Det som slog oss mest var glädjen hos alla de motionärer som såg ut att få sin första upplevelse av triathlon och dess gemenskap. Med allt från tempohojar till Mountainbikes och cykelkorgar så var det ett brett fält av utövande på den relativt korta men böljande banan.

Snabbast av alla i mål på X1 var Magnus Högfeldt på tiden 1.03.37 drygt en minut före Christoffer Hero. Första dam i mål var Susanne Idensjö på tiden 1.13.37 exakt tio minuter efter vinnaren. Förra året var det två tjejer som var först i mål berättar en åskådare som varje år besöker tävlingen varje år.

I X2 klassen så kom Johan Granath från SPIF triathlon först i mål på tiden 2:05.

Som vanligt när är på plats och fotograferar så får våra medlemmar, både nya och gamla, sina bilder gratis. Var du med och tävlade så gör du såhär. Logga in och bli medlem här på triscore (gratis) och gå sen till vårt Flickrkonto: triscore_triscore och leta upp de bilder som är på dig. Mejla sen till ditt användarnamn och bildnr. så skickar vi originalfilen till dig och släpper samtidigt copyright på de bilderna.

Vi har tagit drygt 400 bilder från Saltarö Ultimate så de flesta av er bör finnas med på bild. Bilderna bör vara uppladdade och klara under lördagskvällen.