Did you compete in Engadin swimrun, Utö Swimrun 2015 or Ö till Ö 2014? If yes, then we have finisherphotos of you and your teampartner from those races. Just register your result from that race and send us an email with your BiB nr and what race and we will return your pictures.

It is always free to register on triscore and we also have pictures from a lot of other races like Vansbro triathlon 2014, Genrepet triathlon 2014, Stockholm triathlon 2014 and more.

How to register your result?

Log in and click on your name to reach your profile. Click on “result” and then “add” and scroll down to Engadin swimrun and register your result.

Why triscore?

Use your “triscore” to compare yourself with you, your friends, clubmates or the elite. Compare the swimmer against the runner, triathlete, duathlete or swimrunner. Your triscore can be used to attract new sponsors or as a meritresumé applying for Ö till Ö or other races. It also allows for sponsors to more easily find and follow their athletes during a busy season. But most of all… it´s fun to watch your own progress over the years.

Using triscore is just a smarter way to keep track of your racingresults.

Welcome onboard!

18 July 2015


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