It is Kona week!! The race that everybody has been waiting for is just around the corner. So, will it be Craig Alexander and Mirinda Carfrae again? or sweet sensation Daniela Ryf? Who will come up short and who will win the big one? Triscore takes a look at this years pro´s.


Women first.

This year we have seen a lot of great results and the women pro field looks really close and interesting. We predict that the handful women who will be in the meltingpot and fighting for the victory will be last years winner Mirinda Carfrae, Jodie Swallow, Leanda Cave, Daniela Ryf, Cait Snow and Caroline Steffen.

Predicting the win is a tough one but here we go.


We think Leanda Cave is back from last years problems to take the win in front of last years winner Mirinda Carfrae. Daniela Ryf from Switzerland will come out on top in a fight for third with Jodie Swallow and Caroline Steffen.


Triscore predicts top-six

  1. Leanda Cave
  2. Mirinda Carfrae
  3. Daniela Ryf
  4. Caroline Steffen
  5. Jodie Swallow
  6. Cait Snow

The men´s race

I wouldn´t say that we agree with it but the mens pro field is bigger than the womens, making the race harder to predict. And the men pro field includes a lot of superathletes that all on good day has the qualities to win the big one.

Last years winner Frederick Van Lierde hasn´t had the same success during this season as last year but on the other hand he has had more time to prepare for this one and he also has the experience of winning. Craig Alexander, three time Kona winner is always a top contender. Superbiker Sebastian Kienle and Olympic gold medalist Jan Frodeno will also be in the mix with Belgiums Bart Aeronaut and Marino Vanhoenacker. Andreas Raelert, Ivan Rana, Luke McKenzie, Tj Tollakson and Richie Cunningham also wants to be in the mix.

Well as this seems to be an impossible one to pick we still got a job to do. So, here we go.

We predict a tactical race where Sebastian Kienle will give everything to get a gap out on the bike with Luke McKenzie and Van Lierde in second and third. Out on the run they will be chased by Jan Frodeno, Bart Aeronaut and Ivan Rana. We don´t want to play safe in this tough mix so let´s go out on a limb here and predicting speed in front of experience (usually not a good idea). We think that Jan Frodeno wins in front of Ivan Rana and Sebastian Kienle.


Triscore top-six men

  1. Jan Frodeno
  2. Ivan Rana
  3. Sebastian Kienle
  4. Frederick Van lierde
  5. Luke McKenzie
  6. Bart Aeronaut



9 October 2014

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