If you thought that all the great triathletes had left for hawaii, then you were dead wrong. With athletes like Eva Wutti, Camilla Pedersen and Clemente McKernan Alonso Ironman Barcelona was packed with worldclass talent. And with just seconds separating the two first men it also turned out to be a really interesting competition.

When Clemente McKernan Alonso crossed the finishline he was just twentyfive seconds ahead of fellow countryman Miquel Blanchart Tinto. The two had a really tight race all day with seconds separating them on every leg of the race. Clemente was 14 seconds faster on the swim, 10 seconds faster on the bike and 23 seconds faster on the finishing marathon.

In the womens race Eva Wutti had a weak swimsplit but after that she showed her class being the fastest both on the bike and on the run securing her the victory ahead of Denmarks Camilla Pedersen. Eva won nine minutes ahead of Camilla.




swim bike run
Alonso McKernan, Clemente MPRO ESP 1 1 00:49:22 04:25:31 02:46:14 08:04:13
Blanchart Tinto, Miquel MPRO ESP 2 2 00:49:36 04:25:41 02:46:37 08:04:38
Bachor, Konstantin MPRO DEU 3 3 00:49:40 04:19:40 02:57:49 08:09:42



swim bike run
Wutti, Eva FPRO AUT 1 28 01:00:42 04:41:30 03:04:02 08:49:21
Pedersen, Camilla FPRO DNK 2 48 00:53:35 04:49:13 03:13:02 08:58:46
Hignett, Susie FPRO GBR 3 73 00:58:43 04:52:10 03:09:19 09:03:32
5 October 2014

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