Superduathlete Lionel Saunders wins in Florida in front of Great Britains best duathlete, Tom Lowe. This is not surprisingly since the swimming was cancelled due to heavy winds and strong currents.

Lionel took an early lead out on the bike and was by far the first man going in to transition. He then topped his twelve minute lead from the bikeleg with the fastest run of the day.

In the womens field it almost looked the same.with Yvonee Van Vlerken taking a huge lead of nearly twenty minutes on the bike and then finishing with the fastest run of the day. Yvonne won the race 35 minutes ahead of Swedens Camilla Lindholm.




  1. Lionel Sanders (CAN) 6:58:46
  2. Tom Lowe (GBR) 7:17:53
  3. Maxim Kriat (USA) 7:24:50




  1. Yvonne Van Vlerken (NLD) 8:01:47
  2. Camilla Lindholm (SWE) 8:36:28
  3. Ashley Clifford (USA) 8:36:55


After an heroic final marathon Mirinda Carfrae did the impossible and caught up to Daniela Ryf that had a fourteen and a half minute lead at the start of the marathon. This was Mirindas third world championship win putting her up at the top with the best of all time. Daniella Ryf from Switzerland was second and Rachel Joyce (GBR) in third.

This was one of those exciting races that will be shown again and again.

The German two time Ironman 70:3 world champion, Sebastian Kienle, won Ironman world championships after the fastest bikesplit of the day and a 2:54:37 marathon. Kienle won in front of Ben Hoffman (USA) and Jan Frodeno (GER).


Sebastian Kienle was the 38th person out of the water but got right up on the bike and started the chase. After an enormous effort on the bike he didn’t just catch up. He catched up, passed and left the others in the dust with a 4:20:46 bikesplit. He controlled the race and was never in any danger of losing his lead on the final marathon. He finished the marathon in 2:54:36 and won with an overall time of 8 hours 14 minutes and 18 seconds.
Ben Hoffman won silver after an even race where he slowly worked himself in position. Ben finished the marathon in 2:51:25 winning just 50 seconds ahead of Jan Frodeno.
Third placed Jan Frodeno had an exciting day where he was first out of the water and in the lead on the bike when he got a flat tire. After changing his tire he quickly entered the course again apparantly a bit to close to the competition leaving him with a penalty. But nothing could stop Jan Frodeno today and he pulled of a great final run where he almost caught up with fellow countryman Kienle. Jan ran the marathon in 2:47:46 giving him the bronze.

It is Kona week!! The race that everybody has been waiting for is just around the corner. So, will it be Craig Alexander and Mirinda Carfrae again? or sweet sensation Daniela Ryf? Who will come up short and who will win the big one? Triscore takes a look at this years pro´s.


Women first.

This year we have seen a lot of great results and the women pro field looks really close and interesting. We predict that the handful women who will be in the meltingpot and fighting for the victory will be last years winner Mirinda Carfrae, Jodie Swallow, Leanda Cave, Daniela Ryf, Cait Snow and Caroline Steffen.

Predicting the win is a tough one but here we go.


We think Leanda Cave is back from last years problems to take the win in front of last years winner Mirinda Carfrae. Daniela Ryf from Switzerland will come out on top in a fight for third with Jodie Swallow and Caroline Steffen.


Triscore predicts top-six

  1. Leanda Cave
  2. Mirinda Carfrae
  3. Daniela Ryf
  4. Caroline Steffen
  5. Jodie Swallow
  6. Cait Snow

The men´s race

I wouldn´t say that we agree with it but the mens pro field is bigger than the womens, making the race harder to predict. And the men pro field includes a lot of superathletes that all on good day has the qualities to win the big one.

Last years winner Frederick Van Lierde hasn´t had the same success during this season as last year but on the other hand he has had more time to prepare for this one and he also has the experience of winning. Craig Alexander, three time Kona winner is always a top contender. Superbiker Sebastian Kienle and Olympic gold medalist Jan Frodeno will also be in the mix with Belgiums Bart Aeronaut and Marino Vanhoenacker. Andreas Raelert, Ivan Rana, Luke McKenzie, Tj Tollakson and Richie Cunningham also wants to be in the mix.

Well as this seems to be an impossible one to pick we still got a job to do. So, here we go.

We predict a tactical race where Sebastian Kienle will give everything to get a gap out on the bike with Luke McKenzie and Van Lierde in second and third. Out on the run they will be chased by Jan Frodeno, Bart Aeronaut and Ivan Rana. We don´t want to play safe in this tough mix so let´s go out on a limb here and predicting speed in front of experience (usually not a good idea). We think that Jan Frodeno wins in front of Ivan Rana and Sebastian Kienle.


Triscore top-six men

  1. Jan Frodeno
  2. Ivan Rana
  3. Sebastian Kienle
  4. Frederick Van lierde
  5. Luke McKenzie
  6. Bart Aeronaut



If you thought that all the great triathletes had left for hawaii, then you were dead wrong. With athletes like Eva Wutti, Camilla Pedersen and Clemente McKernan Alonso Ironman Barcelona was packed with worldclass talent. And with just seconds separating the two first men it also turned out to be a really interesting competition.

When Clemente McKernan Alonso crossed the finishline he was just twentyfive seconds ahead of fellow countryman Miquel Blanchart Tinto. The two had a really tight race all day with seconds separating them on every leg of the race. Clemente was 14 seconds faster on the swim, 10 seconds faster on the bike and 23 seconds faster on the finishing marathon.

In the womens race Eva Wutti had a weak swimsplit but after that she showed her class being the fastest both on the bike and on the run securing her the victory ahead of Denmarks Camilla Pedersen. Eva won nine minutes ahead of Camilla.




swim bike run
Alonso McKernan, Clemente MPRO ESP 1 1 00:49:22 04:25:31 02:46:14 08:04:13
Blanchart Tinto, Miquel MPRO ESP 2 2 00:49:36 04:25:41 02:46:37 08:04:38
Bachor, Konstantin MPRO DEU 3 3 00:49:40 04:19:40 02:57:49 08:09:42



swim bike run
Wutti, Eva FPRO AUT 1 28 01:00:42 04:41:30 03:04:02 08:49:21
Pedersen, Camilla FPRO DNK 2 48 00:53:35 04:49:13 03:13:02 08:58:46
Hignett, Susie FPRO GBR 3 73 00:58:43 04:52:10 03:09:19 09:03:32

Dennis Kimeto from Kenya was today the first man to run a marathon under 2 hours and 3 minutes. Dennis hit the finishline in just 2:02:57 to win the Berlin Marathon. Second placed Emmanuel Mutai (KEN) also ran faster (2:03:13) than the old world record time (2:03:23) but today this would not be enough. This also puts Berlin in the front as the fastest marathoncourse in the world.



1 » Kimetto, Dennis (KEN) M30 Kenia 02:02:57 Add runner to 'my favourites'
2 » Mutai, Emmanuel (KEN) M30 Kenia 02:03:13 Add runner to 'my favourites'
3 » Kuma, Abera (ETH) MH Ethiopia 02:05:56 Add runner to 'my favourites'



1 » Tsegaye, Tirfi (ETH) W30 Ethiopia 02:20:18 Add runner to 'my favourites'
2 » Tadese, Feyse (ETH) WH Ethiopia 02:20:27 Add runner to 'my favourites'
3 » Flanagan, Shalane (USA) W30 USA 02:21:14


In his very first full Ironmanrace Tim Don took no prisoners as he shrugged off all opponents to win his first Ironman event. Not only did he win, he won in a world class startingfield including eight time Ironman winner, Timo Bracht (GER) and others. Tim won the very first edition of Ironman Mallorca in 8:34:02.


For those who knows triathlon Tim Don is no stranger. He has won three 70:3 races this year and placed third in the 70:3 world championships. Tim has as a solid background as anyone with a personal best of 3.46.60 on 1500 m that would be envyed by most runners. He has competed in the olympics and World Championships and is a regular on the podium, but still winning an Ironman event in his debut must be seen as an incredible preformance. Tim secured the win by finishing the race with a 2:52 marathon time and crossing the finishline at 8:34:02 more than four minutes ahead of Miguel Angel Fidalgo in second.


In the womens race Eimear Mullen had a terrible swim finishing in 55:13 more than five minutes after Norways Mette Pettersen Moe 49:52. But Eimar would make up for lost time and finish the race with the fastest run in the womens division. This would be Eimears seventh win of the season.



Don, Tim GBR 1 1 00:45:25 04:51:21 02:52:07 08:34:02
Fidalgo, Miguel Angel ESP 2 2 00:45:36 04:58:45 02:49:01 08:38:08
Aigroz, Mike SUI 3 3 00:45:31 04:51:06 02:59:26 08:40:29



Mullan, Eimear IRL 1 54 00:55:13 05:13:01 03:10:26 09:24:17
Griesbauer, Dede USA 2 64 00:50:10 05:11:15 03:19:40 09:27:09
Ganzow, Astrid GER 3 79 00:55:14 05:12:17 03:17:18 09:31:10

Ironman Lanzarote is considered by many to be one of the toughest Ironman-events in the world. The IM 70:3 Lanzarote also lives up to that statement. The strong unpredictable desertwinds combined withs steep climbs make up for a course that will challenge the competitors to their maximum.


The Swim course takes place in the lagoon in front of Club La Santa, on the North West coast of Lanzarote. It is a  one loop course, and athletes will run past spectators and supporters on their way to the first transition.

The bike course, challenging athletes with the strong island winds, goes all around the north part of the island with the stunning climb of 550 m from 44,3km to 56,1km. The run course consists of three laps of 7 km each where the athletes will run through the  village of La Santa, enjoying the breathtaking views of the ocean under the Lanzarote sun.

In the womens race it was all about Helle Fredriksen of Denmark. She was the first woman out of the water and she held on to that lead the entire day to ensure her first victory in Lanzarote.

In the mens race Marko Albert (EST) was first out of the water with Will Clark in fourth and spanish favourite Victor del Corral in 17 th place of the men and overall 18th. The rest of the day it would all be about Victor chasing coring the fastest bike leg and fastest run of the day. But it would not be enough to catch up to Will Clark who won just six seconds ahead of Victor.



Frederiksen, Helle FPRO DEN 1 15 00:22:56 02:38:08 01:26:44 04:29:58
Gossage, Lucy FPRO GBR 2 22 00:26:30 02:50:07 01:30:49 04:50:04
Woysch, Nicole FPRO GER 3 41 00:26:41 02:54:13 01:39:50 05:03:28



Clarke, Will MPRO GBR 1 1 00:22:14 02:25:10 01:14:50 04:04:16
Del Corral, Victor MPRO ESP 2 2 00:26:19 02:21:34 01:14:09 04:04:22
Guillaume, Romain MPRO FRA 3 3 00:22:24 02:20:24 01:21:54 04:06:5

A 39-year old man died while competing in the Ironman event at Mooloolaba this morning, reports The Sunshine Coast Daily.

The man was pulled from the water during the swim leg while competing with an suspected heart attack. He did unfortunatley not recover and was later declared dead.

Ironman Asia Pacific CEO Geoff Myers told the ABC that he has been in contact with the family of the 39-year old all morning trying to help out as much as possible.

Challenge Family and Rev3 have announced a partnership that redefines long distance triathlon in North America.

The two series are merging and, beginning in 2015, Rev3 races will be incorporated into the Challenge Family global triathlon series and branded as Challenge events. This combination will result in a stronger North American race series focused on delivering world-class quality events.

Charlie Patten, CEO of Rev3, said the partnership with Challenge Family was a natural fit, with the two organisations echoing each other’s core values.

“From day one, Rev3 has been about providing athletes with an opportunity to follow their passion in an inclusive environment,” he said. “We have always encouraged athletes to include their friends and families in their journey. The Challenge Family embodies all of what Rev3 has believed over the past six years and this new partnership allows us to only expand upon that. We are more excited then we have ever been and look forward to serving our customers as part of the Challenge Family.”

Challenge Family CEO, Zibi Szlufcik, echoed Patten’s comments, adding it was an honour to partner with such a highly respected organisation in the USA.

“This strategic partnership of two amazing brands is simply a natural fit. We share the same values and are working towards the same objectives with endless passion for a healthy sport of triathlon along with our team, our partners, communities and races,” he said. “We are extremely proud being able to change the face of triathlon, reflecting the real values of this wonderful sport and respecting the legacy of triathlon. Together, nothing less than a quality leadership is our focus, delivering excellent experiences for athletes.”

The partnership sees the addition of the following races to the Challenge Family USA race calendar in 2015 – Challenge Knoxville, Challenge Quassy, Challenge Williamsburg, Challenge Maine, Challenge Cedar Point, Challenge Pocono Mountains, Challenge Anderson, Challenge Venice and Challenge Ixtapa in Mexico. They will join the existing races of Challenge Atlantic City, Challenge New Albany and Challenge Rancho Cordova, along with Challenge Penticton and Challenge St Andrews in Canada.