Saturday july 12th Gwen Jorgensen became the first athlete to win four consecutive World Triathlon Series races in the same season in Hamburg.

After winning in Yokohama, London and Chicago the pressure was on, but Gwen still pulled of an fantastic performance to win here in Hamburg. As often before it was here outstanding running that was the key to sucess leaving T2 at the tail of a large group. She quickly moved up the field and at the final lap she broke lose with Emma Jackson and Kirsten Sweetland chasing.

Gwen finished the race in 56:54 six seconds ahead of Emma Jackson.


  1. Gwen Jorgensen (USA) 56:54
  2. Emma Jackson (AUS) 57:00
  3. Kirsten Sweetland (CAN) 57:00
 A new, spectacular and challenging swimrun race in the Engadin Valley, Switzerland, July 12, 2014
Swimrun is exploding in Scandinavia and rapidly gaining ground internationally. Engadin Swimrun is the first swimrun race outside of Scandinavia, taking place in the beautiful Engadin valley in the heart of the Swiss Alps, on July 12. The race will see an impressive line up of athletes from 16 nationalities, including the strongest in the sport as well as newcomers testing their limits in the young sport of “swimrun”. In this new type of race teams of two alternate between trail running and open water swimming on a marked nature course. You run in your wetsuit and swim in your shoes. Engadin valley (2)
For this first edition of Engadin Swimrun, a maximum number of 100 teams of two will take on the challenging course in a stunning Alpine setting. The race will be held on alpine trails, between and through beautiful mountain lakes, and passing the famous alpine village St. Moritz, as well as the picturesque mountain towns Maloja, Sils, Champfer, to finally finish in Silvaplana. The total distance of the race course is 52 km of which 46 km are trail running (in your wetsuit) and 6,5 km are open-water swimming through nine glacial cold mountain lakes (in your running shoes). The course is further spiced up with around 1 500 meters of vertical climb! It will not be easy and Engadin Swimrun is a good quality standard as a qualifier to the World Championship of Swimrun, ÖTILLÖ, the original swimrun race in the Stockholm archipelago, considered one of the toughest one-day races in the world.
Race organizer Michael Lemmel (SWE) comments on the Engadin Swimrun course:
“The Engadin Swimrun will be brutal yet magnificent! The course is tough with some steep climbs and long swims. This first edition swimrun event in the Engadin Valley is history in the making and all teams that make it to the finish line in Silvaplana are true heroes!”
Registration to Engadin Swimrun was already full in February. Teams representing 16 nations will battle it out for the first win. The expected finishing time for the winners is around 6 hours. The current ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Champions, Björn Englund (SWE) and Paul Krochak (CAN), is the team to beat for some of the strongest endurance athletes and triathletes in the world. Sweden’s greatest rap artist Petter is seriously committed to swimrun and will be at the start line to challenge the great international field of athletes.
Photos: Jakob Edholm


DSCN0215Famous triathlete and swimmer Jonas Colting (SWE) started his swimadventure -Sverigesimmet- today at noon.

Jonas, a twotime world ultraman triathlon champion, is about to swim 600 kilometers from Stockholm to Gothenburg in six weeks. This meens an average of 14.3 km of swimming each day.

During the swim Jonas is raising money to the organisation WaterAid who´s purpose is to give clean water for drinking and sanitation to people in the third world. If you are interested in Jonas and his swimproject or want to help wateraid you can go to: for more information.

This year Ironman Frankfurt also is home to the European Championships. The reigning Kona world champion Frederik Van Lierde was the favourite to win the title but Sebastian Kienle of Germany thought otherwise. Kienle picked a good day for his first Ironmantitle as he not only became European champion but also did this on his birthday.

Frederik Van Lierde from Belgium was second but maybe the big surprise was Jan Frodeno who took the bronzemedal. Jan Frodeno who won the olympic gold in thriathlon in Beijing back in 2008 did his Ironmandebut today to win the bronze.

In the womens field it was Corinne Abraham who was the strongest today and she won in front of Liz Lyles and Gina Crawford. The european silver and bronze went to Kristin Möller (GER) and Natascha Badmann (SUI)




  1. Sebastian Kienle (GER) 7:50:33
  2. Frederik Van Lierde (BEL) 7:56:29
  3. Jan Frodeno (GER) 8:02:24


  1. Corinne Abraham (GBR) 8:52:40
  2. Liz Lyles (USA) 8:56:36
  3. Gina Crawford(NZL) 8:58:06

Fredrik Croneborg from Sweden became the first Challenge full distance winner in Atlantic City.

Freddie were fifth athlete out of the water but fell back into seventh place after the bikeleg pacing himself for the finishing marathon.

Once out running freddie rapidly moved up the field and soon to be in the lead and never to look back. He finished the marathon with the fastest time of the day in 2:51:09 to win the race six minutes in front of Scott De filippis and Christopher Bourdeaux.

Among the women it was an all american affair. Laurel Wassner won comfortably nearly twentyfive minutes ahead of Jaqui Gordon and Natasha Van Der Merwe.




  1. Fredrik Croneborg (SWE) 8:31:47
  2. Scott De Filippis (USA) 8:37:56
  3. Christopher Boudreaux (USA) 8:40:56


  1. Laurel Wassner (USA) 9:29:20
  2. Jaqui Gordon (USA) 9:54:10
  3. Natasha Van Der Merwe (USA) 9:58:13

Gwen Jorgensen win the elite womens race this sunday ahead of Helen Jenkins and Juri Ide. Gwen who also won the last race is now pulling away in the totals.

The event in Chicago included a race with more than 4000 agegroupers which indicates the direction of the sport as one of the fastest growing sports on the planet.



  1. Gwen Jorgensen (USA) 1:55:33
  2. Helen Jenkins (GBR) 1:55:53
  3. Juri Ide (JPN) 1:56:00

The very popular Ironmanevent in Klagenfurt, Austria took place today as well as two other Ironmanevents making this one of the busiest IM weekends all year. Klagenfurt is known for a well organized event and a fast course where sub-8 is a must if you want to win. Ivan Raña from Spain took his first victory in Austria followed by germanys Christian Kramer and Slovenias David Plese.

In the womens division Linsey Corbin won in front of Simonee Braendli and triscore-favourite Lisa Hütthaler.



  1. Ivan Raña (ESP) 7:48:43
  2. Christian Kramer (GER) 7:54:31
  3. David Plese (SLO) 8:02:54


  1. Linsey Corbin (USA) 8:42:42
  2. Simonee Braendli (SUI) 8:49:16
  3. Lisa Hütthaler (AUT) 8:53:20

In rainy and cold conditions it turned out to be an epic 10th anniversary for the Ironman Nice. With athletes having problems staying upright on the spectacular and technical bikeleg it was set out to be an thrilling marathon.

In the womens race Leand Cave was the first woman out of the water and on the bike but not before long she was stopped by officials because she had left without her racebib, and had to turn around to T1. Tine Decker who already won here three times capitalized on her mistake to take the lead on the bike with Caitlin Snow chasing behind. At T2 Snow were almost eight minutes behind and most people thaught the race was already finished. Well everybody except for Snow who ran the marathon in new recordtime 2:52.26 gaining close to five minutes on Decker in the last ten kilometers. Snow came close but got no cigarr finishing merely 41 seconds behind Tine Decker who won the race for her fourth time.

In the mens race Britains Harry Wiltshire came out of the water in first place with a group following nearby. The bikeleg turned out to be as dramatic as it can be with multiple crashes in the top ten group. Winner Bart Aernouts chrashed twice on the slippery mountainslopes but still managed to pull of just enough to keep the spanish super-runner Victor Del Corral behind to win the race in 8:33:22.




  1. Tine Decker (BEL) 9:12:21
  2. Caitlin Snow (USA) 9:13:02
  3. Lisa Roberts (USA) 9:23:58


  1. Bart Aernouts (BEL) 8:33:22
  2. Victor Del Corral Morales (ESP) 8:37:23
  3. Tyler Butterfield (Bermuda) 8:40:56


The third event of the ENDWET, as it´s known, was held this weekend. ENDWET is a 36 mile (57.9 km) mixed sportsevent with both relay and solo open water swimmers to test themselves down the Red River between Grand Forks, North Dakota and Oslo, Minnesota. It is also known as one of the longest marathon swims in the world and one of America´s Top 100 Open Water Swims.

This year a total of twenty men and women completed the race with Kevin Kopplin finishing first in 8:38 ahead of Scott Jensen in 8:41. In the womens field Patty Herman finished ahead of Kathleen Wilson.

Notable was the two teenagers who not only finished the race but finished in style. 18 year old Braydon Love finsihed the race in 8 hours and 54 minutes and 16 year old Annaleise Carr finished the race in 9 hours and 31 minutes.

Reports talking about a magical race in good weather and friendly atmosphere.



With Ironmanevents in Syracuse, Mount Tremblant and Aarhus, the ETU European championships in Kitzbühel and Asics outrun the sun-challenge this was one of the busiest weekends of the season so far.

Next weekend with Ironman Austria, Nice and Coeur d’alene and several other events the pace is rather picking up than slowing down.

In Syracuse Andrew Yoder won in front of lionel Sanders and Ben Collins. In the womens field Lauren Goss won in front of Darbi Roberts and Beth Shutt.

In Aarhus Camilla Pedersen won her third straight win after her comeback at Fuerteventura in april. In the mens division Henrik Hyldelund another dane won.

At Mount Tremblant Meredith Kessler won comfortably in front of Julie Dibens and Laura Siddal. In the mens division Jesse Thomas won in front of Trevor Wurtele and Leon Griffin.