The German two time Ironman 70:3 world champion, Sebastian Kienle, won Ironman world championships after the fastest bikesplit of the day and a 2:54:37 marathon. Kienle won in front of Ben Hoffman (USA) and Jan Frodeno (GER).


Sebastian Kienle was the 38th person out of the water but got right up on the bike and started the chase. After an enormous effort on the bike he didn’t just catch up. He catched up, passed and left the others in the dust with a 4:20:46 bikesplit. He controlled the race and was never in any danger of losing his lead on the final marathon. He finished the marathon in 2:54:36 and won with an overall time of 8 hours 14 minutes and 18 seconds.
Ben Hoffman won silver after an even race where he slowly worked himself in position. Ben finished the marathon in 2:51:25 winning just 50 seconds ahead of Jan Frodeno.
Third placed Jan Frodeno had an exciting day where he was first out of the water and in the lead on the bike when he got a flat tire. After changing his tire he quickly entered the course again apparantly a bit to close to the competition leaving him with a penalty. But nothing could stop Jan Frodeno today and he pulled of a great final run where he almost caught up with fellow countryman Kienle. Jan ran the marathon in 2:47:46 giving him the bronze.
12 October 2014

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